Get Anime Art of your Characters and
Move Your Project on the Next Level!

You've always had this idea, some scene with your characters going in your mind.
But you couldn't go beyond words and paragraphs for your character's stories...

I can help you put a face on your beloved characters!

You can get your Character Illustrations for your Projects now!

Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Share them with the World!

Character Art $75 USD

Additional options:
Expression variation $10Half body $20Full body $40

Expression Pack $140 USD

The ideal offer if you want your character to fully express themself. In this package, you will get:

1 Character + 10 Expression variations of your choosingBONUS : 5 more Expressions
(Total Value if bought individually: $75 + $10 x 15 = $225)

You can ask for the same options as a regular character art.

Custom Pack Price Based on Request

It is possible to custom your request if you need more expressions and pose variations. Buying a pack costs less than buying the features individually.

Terms of Service

Payment upfront, Paypal only. Payment by instalment possible. The commission process will slow down until it's fully paid.
Refund only if I did not start the commission.
The offer is for non commercial use. Contact me to know more about branding/commercial use
In general, a character art is completed within a week, after first sketch is done.
I may decline any commission request if I don't think I'm suited for it. No porn/gore. If in doubt, let me know your idea.
If you use other currencies, you can tell me and I will do the conversion.
You allow me to post your commission on my website and social media (low resolution). You can ask to stay anonymous.
Exception to the last statement: Let me know if it needs to stay private for a period of time (illustrations for games/projects for instance).

Hey! I'm Phiphi!

I'm a digital Illustrator from France!

I'm making drawing tutorials on Youtube.

I'm also the CG artist for the Visual Novel LoveSickDarlings.

Ipad Pro 12.9''
Apple Pencil

Lenovo Yoga C930 13"

Medibang Paint

Contact me

You can contact me for business inquiries or other projects by filling this form
or by sending an email at

If you want an illustration or a pack, please include " [Commission] " in the subject of your email.